Chicken pasta in a garlic, tomato & basil butter sauce

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

This is one of our go-to dishes in the SizzleSmith household and for a reason. Every one of us loves it.

You will need:



1 stick of butter (add more for more sauce)

2 onions roughly chopped

5 cloves of garlic diced (more or less to taste)

1 pkg cherry tomatoes (chopped into halves)

Chopped basil (chiffonade)

2 chicken breasts (cut into bite sized pieces)

Pasta of your choice

Because it’s a super hot day today in sunny San Francisco, I’m going to make mine today in my Ninja 3 in 1 cooking system, but you can use a large saucepan or skillet with a lid.

Set your pan on your stovetop and set to a medium heat. (Ninja 3 in 1 stove top high) add half the stick of butter, a teaspoon of salt and half a teaspoon of pepper.

Add the onions and let them cook down for 30 mins, stirring occasionally until Onions are nice and caramelized. 

After 5 minutes, lower the heat to medium and add the chicken. (if using Ninja 3 in 1 cooking system, set to stove top low) and replace lid. Let cook for a further 15 mins.

Heat up water for pasta and add half a teaspoon of salt to the water. Place pasta in pot and follow directions on packaging for your particular pasta.

You can use any type of pasta for this dish. Really anything that will make a great delivery mechanism for that delicious butter sauce will do. 

Add tomatoes and basil to the chicken and return heat to medium (if using Ninja 3 in 1 cooking system, return to stove top high). Cook for 5 more minutes until tomatoes have softened and started to brown.

Turn heat off completely and add remaining butter. Leave until butter melts into dish and then give a gentle stir. You can then either stir the chicken into the pasta, which works well if you’re using a Linguine or a spaghetti or serve over the top.

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